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About Us


Lead Pastor

Pastor Mitchell Hancock and his wife Carly came to Faith Pentecostal in April of 2021. After graduating from Master's College and Seminary in 2016, Mitchell and Carly went to minister in Montreal, Quebec while learning Canadian French.


Though he would never want you to call him one, Mitchell is one of those "hipsters" you've heard so much about that would love to get to know you over a fancy beverage at a local cafe


Faith Pentecostal is an accessible building, with a platform lift and ramps to make your way into the building or up to the stage. We also have a public access defibrillator. 

We are affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, which stands firmly in the mainstream of historical Christianity. It takes the Bible as its all-sufficient source of faith and practice and subscribes to the historic creeds of the universal church. In common with historical, evangelical Christianity, it emphasizes Christ as Saviour and coming King. It also presents Christ as Healer, and it adopts the distinctive position that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence when Christ baptizes in the Holy Spirit.

For the Glory of God, we worship, connect, grow, serve and go, to bring His message of love and forgiveness to everyone.

We worship God daily through prayer and praise, along with reading and studying the Bible.

We connect as a church by caring for each other’s physical needs, and by encouraging each other in our faith.

We want to grow to be more like Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit.

We serve in our church to further God’s Kingdom.

We want to reach out and go into our needy world with Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness.

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