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GTM Zambian Sonshine

Kerry Reath grew up in Southwest Middlesex, and while she enjoyed the farm life here, she always knew that God was calling her to Africa. 

She arrived in Ndola, Zambia in May of 2001, and eventually made her way to Minamba, where she now has a self-sustaining farm. It is here that our youth are learning various life skills through practical projects.

Zambian Sonshine is an organization that is striving to help the children of Minamba receive a good education and nutritional food.

To visit Kerry's website, click on the picture (left).

VOH Africa - Malawi

We've recently added Jef & Renatta Walton to our missions family. Renatta is also from the Glencoe area, and we are excited to get to know all about their projects with Village of Hope in Malawi.


Check out this video as a fun introduction to them. 

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